MS-100 Configure Application Access

Configure Application Registration in Azure AD Registering the application means that your developers can use Azure AD to authenticate users and request access to user resources such as email, calendar, and documents. Registering an application allows any user to do the following: Get an identity for their application that Azure AD recognizes Get one or […]

MS-100 Manage Authentication

Manage Authentication To manage the authentication options, we need to know the Authentication Methods available and how that works. Understanding Authentication Methods: Below are the authentication options or Sign-In options available for Office 365 / Azure AD. Federation Authentication Password Hash Synchronization Authentication Pass-through Authentication Seamless SSO (enabled when choosing PHS or PTA) Federated Authentication […]

MS-100 Manage Azure AD identities

Plan Azure AD identities We have the Identity options like Cloud Identity and Federated Identity when deploying Microsoft 365. Planning Azure AD Identity includes Plan to enable SSO for the cloud applications. You may have federated Identity, see if you can move from Federated Identity to Cloud Identity by implementing Password Hash Sync and Seamless […]

MS-100 Manage identity synchronization by using Azure AD Connect

Monitor Azure AD Connect Health Azure AD Connect health monitoring involves the monitoring for Azure AD Connect Sync, On-Premise AD and ADFS. View health of the configured services like Sync, ADFS & ADDS on the Azure AD in Azure AD health monitoring portal. Azure AD Connect Health Sync agents on the AD Connect Server monitors […]

MS-100 Plan Identity Sync using AD Connect

Design directory synchronization Understand your current Infrastructure and Plan for Synchronizing Identities to Azure AD using AD Connect. If you have more than 5000 employees and an On-Premise AD, then go for Azure AD connect with ADFS servers. Things like Attribute Filtering, AD Connect Staging Server for High Availability, HA for ADFS and WAP server […]