How to Create a Report on MFA Methods used by your users?

Your users may user different type of Strong Authentication method on their choice when MFA enabled for them. If you want to take a report on the type of Authentication Method, use the below PowerShell command. Get-Msoluser -All |select DisplayName,@{N=’Email’;E={$_.UserPrincipalName}},@{n=”MFA_Methods”;e={($_.StrongAuthenticationMethods).MethodType}},@{N=’MFA_Requirements’;E={($_.StrongAuthenticationRequirements).state}} | export-csv C:\Temp\MFA_Strongauth_Dec31.csv –NoTypeInformation

How to change the User Profile Photo in Azure AD / Exchange Online

Azure AD Connect Sync the User Profile photo during the initial sync only. Any further changes on the Photo in On-Premise will not Sync / Update to Azure AD. We need to manually change the photo if any changes required. You can follow the below PowerShell command to change the photo. $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName […]

Difference between Federation, Password Hash Sync & Pass-Through Authentication

We saw the Azure AD sign-in options in the last post and here we will see the difference between Federation Authentication, Password Hash Sync Authentication and Pass-through authentication.   Federation Password Hash Sync Pass-Through ADFS Requirement ADFS & WAP servers are required Not Required Not Required AD Connect Requirement Yes Yes Yes AuthN Agent No […]

How the Azure AD Authentication options works?

In this post, we are going to discuss the Azure AD sign in option available to access the claims aware application like Office 365. Below are the four sign-in options available when accessing a Microsoft cloud application or any claims aware application integrated with Azure AD. We will see how the sign-in options work in […]