Restricting Additional Storage option in OWA

Recently, Microsoft announced an option in OWA to control the additional storage like Box addition in OWA, which allows users to add an attachment or Save a document in email to the third party storage options. Microsoft Announcement on AdditionalStorageProvidersAvailable Parameter. You can validate the change by running the below command. Get-OwaMailboxPolicy “Policy Name” | […]

Multi-Geo Capability in Office 365

Multi Geo capability allows the Office 365 customers to keep their data in the country they are located. Currently Multi-Geo capability available only for the Office 365 Services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business Online. When an organization signup for Office 365 services, tenant will be created automatically on the nearby […]

Microsoft Teams has 13 million daily active users

Microsoft Teams application was introduced 2 years back and now it announces 13 million active users using Microsoft Teams on daily basis. It is a great achievement by Microsoft to have the Teams collaborative Tool. Slack and Microsoft Teams are workplace collaboration tool used by enterprises. Slack is there in the market starting from Aug […]

Tips for Office 365 IT Managers

Microsoft Office 365 introduced many new services when compared with the services available 5 years back. Office 365 Enterprise E3 Plan was mostly used by enterprise organization for the services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, One Drive for Business Online and Microsoft Teams. As on date, ~250 Million mailboxes are there in Office 365 and […]

MS-100 Plan a Microsoft 365 workloads

Microsoft 365 workloads: Microsoft 365 workloads includes the services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online \ OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and few other services like Planner, PowerApps etc. Microsoft 365 E3 & E5 license allows the use of these Microsoft 365 workloads. Microsoft Exchange Online On-Premise version of Exchange Server is available as a Cloud […]

MS-100 Implement Access for External Users of M365 Workloads

Create B2B accounts Azure AD B2B collaboration lets you securely share your company’s applications and services with guest users from any other organization, while maintaining control over your own corporate data. Administrators can create B2B guest accounts in Azure AD and can send in invitation link for guest users to accept privacy statement. Non-Administrator users […]

MS-100 Configure Application Access

Configure Application Registration in Azure AD Registering the application means that your developers can use Azure AD to authenticate users and request access to user resources such as email, calendar, and documents. Registering an application allows any user to do the following: Get an identity for their application that Azure AD recognizes Get one or […]