Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 3

How Azure AD Connect work? Azure AD Connect by default is a one-way Sync which synchronize the On-Premise AD objects to Azure AD. Management Agents – Question can be asked like what is Management Agent in AD Connect? Management Agents in Azure AD Connect control the data flow between a connected data source and the […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 2

What are the identity models available in Office 365? Office 365 uses cloud-based user authentication service Azure Active Directory to manage user accounts. There are three identity models to setup and manage user accounts. Cloud Identity: User management will be only in Office 365 (Azure AD). No On-Premise servers required to manage users. All the […]

How to assign Send-As Permission in On-Premise Exchange or Exchange Online.

Send-AS Permission in On-Premise Exchange environment can be assigned using the below PowerShell command, Add-ADPermission -Identity “UserAccount” -User “UserwhoNeedsPermission” -AccessRights ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights “Send As” But, as per Microsoft article, Send-As Permission over cross Exchange platform like Hybrid Exchange environment is not supportable. But still, you can run the below command to provide Send-As Permission for […]

How to change the User Profile Photo in Azure AD / Exchange Online

Azure AD Connect Sync the User Profile photo during the initial sync only. Any further changes on the Photo in On-Premise will not Sync / Update to Azure AD. We need to manually change the photo if any changes required. You can follow the below PowerShell command to change the photo. $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName […]

How to recover a soft deleted mailbox in Exchange Online?

Soft deleted mailboxes will be available for 30 days. If the mailbox available in soft deleted state then we can restore the mailbox. We can view whether the mailbox is in soft deleted state using the below command Get-Mailbox UserID –Softdeleted If it is available as a soft deleted mailbox, then we can run the […]

How to restore a deleted SharePoint Online Site?

Deleted SharePoint Online Site collections will be available in recycled state for 30 days and the deleted SharePoint site collection will be permanently deleted. Using SharePoint Online PowerShell, we can view the deleted SharePoint Site collection and restore the deleted SharePoint Site Collection. To view the deleted SharePoint Site Collection, we can run the below […]

How to set the OWA session timeout in Exchange Online / Office 365?

Configuring OWA session timeout is an important security measure that every organization should follow to keep Organizations data safe. Below the default session time out settings for Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook on the Web (OotW). OWA forms based authentication provides 2 option to choose whether you logged in from a Private or Public […]