Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 10

What is Conditional Access Policies in Office 365 / Azure AD? Azure AD conditional access provides added security when needed. We can set few conditions like when accessing a particular cloud application like Exchange Online, allow the access from Azure AD Domain Joined machines or block the access etc. Conditional access policies are enforced after […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 9

What is the use of Post Master address in Office 365 and How you will configure it? The external postmaster address is used as the sender for system-generated messages and notifications to email senders that exist outside your Microsoft Exchange Online organization We can set the post master address using below command Set-TransportConfig -ExternalPostmasterAddress […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 8

On a hybrid exchange environment, on-premise recipient is set as a moderator and when an office 365 user send an email to that moderated distribution group, on-premise moderator not able to see approve or reject option. What could be the issue and how to fix it? Approve or Reject option supported only when TNEF settings […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 7

What is Autodiscover service and how it works? Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover service in Exchange helps the Autodiscover capable outlook clients to configure outlook profile easily by providing minimal input. Users know their user name and password information, by providing those information, other information to configure outlook profile can be retried from Exchange using Autodiscover Service. […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 6

Your MX record pointed to Exchange Online Protection and you observed that lot email bounced back which was send to an invalid recipient in your organization; you find a solution to stop this, what you will do? The Directory Based Edge Blocking (DBEB) feature in Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection (EOP) lets you reject […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 5

What are the Roles / permission delegation option available in Exchange Online? Exchange Online in Office 365 includes predefined permission like Exchange On-Premise and below are the predefined Role Group available in Exchange Online. Name Description Organization Management Full permissions to manage Exchange objects and their properties in the Exchange organization. This role group should […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 4

How you will run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard? We can download the HCW tool from ECP console or from Microsoft website we need to Exchange Org Admin credential and Office 365 Global Admin account to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. What are the Exchange Hybrid Configuration features? Below are the Hybrid Configuration feature Free/Busy […]