Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 3

How Azure AD Connect work? Azure AD Connect by default is a one-way Sync which synchronize the On-Premise AD objects to Azure AD. Management Agents – Question can be asked like what is Management Agent in AD Connect? Management Agents in Azure AD Connect control the data flow between a connected data source and the […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 2

What are the identity models available in Office 365? Office 365 uses cloud-based user authentication service Azure Active Directory to manage user accounts. There are three identity models to setup and manage user accounts. Cloud Identity: User management will be only in Office 365 (Azure AD). No On-Premise servers required to manage users. All the […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers 1

Give a short introduction about yourself? I’m “YourName” having X years of experience in Messaging and Collaboration Support. Currently working in so and so company for the last 5 years and handling On-Premise Exchange and Office 365 Environment for X number of users. We are currently migrating mailbox to office 365 and almost half of […]

Tips for Office 365 IT Managers

Microsoft Office 365 introduced many new services when compared with the services available 5 years back. Office 365 Enterprise E3 Plan was mostly used by enterprise organization for the services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, One Drive for Business Online and Microsoft Teams. As on date, ~250 Million mailboxes are there in Office 365 and […]

How to validate connectivity to Office 365 Services

Many Organizations involved Microsoft to do a Network Assessment before migrating to Office 365. Microsoft will review your network and recommendations will be shared to the customers to ensure users have proper connectivity to office 365 Services. Microsoft announced a new tool help all organizations to analyze the network connectivity to Office 365 services. […]

How to Troubleshoot Outlook slowness when accessing Office 365 Mailbox

If your mailbox hosted in Office 365 and experiencing slowness while accessing the mailbox using outlook, you need to check below things before raising a ticket with Microsoft. Check the Global DNS Resolution It is always better to check whether your connection goes the closest regional office 365 datacentre. If your Office 365 tenant hosted […]

How to control External Sharing in SharePoint Online / OneDrive for Business Online

In this post, we will see how to control External Sharing in SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business Online. It is better to control external sharing to restrict who can share contents with whom and this ensures your organization data safe. Default settings on OneDrive for Business Online or for SharePoint Online is to share […]