How the E-Mail Moderation works?

December 15th, 2018 | Posted by admin in Exchange

E-Mail Moderation enables you to control messages sent to a group, where a moderator will approve or reject the email to group. E-Mail moderation plays an important role to allow sending email to large distribution group to avoid un wanted emails delivering to large audience.

We need to understand what is arbitration mailbox before looking at how the email moderations works. Exchange installation creates 5 different arbitration mailbox used for sytem purporse, Microsoft Exchange Approval Assistant arbitration mailbox handles the Email moderation.

Below diagram shows how the message moderation works in Exchange On-Premise.

  1. Sender send an email to a Moderation Enabled Distribution Group.
  2. Categorizer identifies the email to be moderated and it will reroute the email to Arbitration Mailbox.
  3. Store drive stores the email in Arbitration Mailbox and send a request to Moderator to approve or reject the email
  4. Moderator will approve/reject the email, and the action will be send to arbitration mailbox
  5. Store Drive component on the Transport Role will mark the Moderators decision on the copy email available in Arbitration Mailbox
  6. Information assistant process the email based on the Moderator decision,

    6.a If the moderator approve the email, then the email will be delivered to the recipients (distribution group members)

    6.b If the moderator reject the email, then a rejected notification will be sent to the sender.

Note: If the moderator didn’t take an action to approve/reject the email, then the email will expire and the expiration notification will sent to the sender.

On the next blog, I will explain how the message moderation works in Hybrid Exchange Environment.

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