How to set the OWA session timeout in Exchange Online / Office 365?

Configuring OWA session timeout is an important security measure that every organization should follow to keep Organizations data safe. Below the default session time out settings for Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook on the Web (OotW).

OWA forms based authentication provides 2 option to choose whether you logged in from a Private or Public computer. OWA session time out depends on user’s selection.

  • If it is a Private computer – OWA session time out at 15 minutes of inactivity
  • If it is a Private computer – OWA session time out at 8 to 12 hours of inactivity

Make a note of the word 15 minutes of inactivity. Session will time out only when there is no activity at outlook web access.

Note: Typing something in meeting requests, appointments contacts, or tasks is not considered as an activity.

Your Corporate Security may advice you to configure a session time out based on the security concerns like every 15 minutes or two hours once etc. and to change the settings, you should have Organization Administrator rights in Exchange Online and you need to run the below command.

Set-OrganizationConfig -ActivityBasedAuthenticationTimeoutEnabled:$True -ActivityBasedAuthenticationTimeoutWit hSingleSignOnEnabled: $True -ActivityBasedAuthenticationTimeoutInterval 00:15:00

You have to wait for quite some time for the settings to replicate and You can run the below command to check the settings are properly configured.

Get-OrganizationConfig | fl Activity*

Ultimate aim of this post is that, when you are setting OWA session timeout for lesser interval and configured Azure Conditional Access Policy to trigger MFA when accessing Exchange Online Mailbox in OWA, users experience will be affected as every time they have to Key in MFA challenge when logging in OWA.

Educate your users about the 15 minutes OWA session time out settings and your MFA challenge settings and if they are the user where they will access only OWA to see their emails, then ask them to check the option not to prompt for MFA challenge for next 24 hours.

Again, if you think it is a security concern, discuss with your corporate security about the challenge and decide a solution considering user experience and security measures.

Hope this is informative and you like it.

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