MS-100 Manage Microsoft 365 Subscription and Health

May 25th, 2019 | Posted by admin in Exchange

As a Microsoft 365 administrator, you need to know how to monitor and manage service health alerts, creating service requests, view the reports to understand the license / service usage.

Manage service health alerts

We can use Office 365 Admin App / Office 365 Management Pack / Office 365 Service Communication API to view the service statues.

Office 365 Service Health can be viewed from Office 365 Admin Portal -> Health -> Service health.

Tips: Minimum of User Management Role permission is required to view Service Health Alerts.

Create & manage service requests

We can raise a Service request to get assistance from Microsoft support on the issues that users facing in your organization.

Tips: Support Requests can be raised from Office 365 Admin Portal -> Support -> New Service Request.

Minimum of Service Administrator Permission is required to raise Support Request.

Create internal service health response plan

This is an internal process to monitor the announcement of Planned Outages in Office 365 Message Center, respective team has to announce the management and coordinate with your Microsoft Technical Account Manager for additional details.

Office 365 Admin Portal -> Health -> Message Center

If it is a Service Incident, Team has to raise service request to follow up from Microsoft support on the existing issues.

Monitor service health

Office 365 Service Health can be viewed from Office 365 Admin Portal -> Health -> Service health.

Configure and review reports, including BI, OMS, and Microsoft 365 reporting

To view the Office 365 Reports

Office 365 report can be viewed from Office 365 Admin Portal -> Reports -> You can drill down to the available reports for additional information.

Reports also available in Security and Compliance Portal -> Reports -> view the available Security and Compliance based reports

Office 365 reports can be viewed from Power BI content packs (Office 365 Adoption Content Pack). Login to PowerBI using Global Admin account and open the Office 365 Adoption content pack.

OMS – Operation Management Suite / Solution for Office 365 used to monitor User/ Admin activities and it helps to detect and investigate unwanted user behavior. We can also configure alerts like if a user deleted more than 100 files an alert can be send to administrator.

Schedule and review security and compliance reports

Reports related to security and compliance can be viewed at -> Reports. We can configure \ manage the schedules for these reports.

Schedule and review usage metrics

Available Reports can be scheduled and have a best practice to periodically review the reports to ensure the security and you are using only the purchased license. In addition, the usage reports like license, services usage can be viewed from Microsoft 365 usage analytics portal from Power BI. We need to enable this from Microsoft Power BI by a Global Admin account or any other Service Administrator Role like EXO Admin / SPO admin.

To enable Microsoft 365 usage analytics – Office 365 Admin Portal -> Reports -> Usage -> navigate to Microsoft 365 usage analytics and turn ON the option. -> Login to Power BI portal -> Get Data, then under more ways to create your own content choose Service Content Packs and select Microsoft 365 usage analytics

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