Multi-Geo Capability in Office 365

Multi Geo capability allows the Office 365 customers to keep their data in the country they are located. Currently Multi-Geo capability available only for the Office 365 Services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business Online.

When an organization signup for Office 365 services, tenant will be created automatically on the nearby Office 365 datacenter location they mention on the Signup page. Organization normally have employees in different countries and many countries demand to keep the employees data on their country itself. Microsoft introduced the Multi-Geo capability to meet the Organizations “Go Local” compliance requirement.

Organizations can get a Multi-Geo license (5 USD/3 Months) and they can migrate their data from the existing Office 365 location to their preferred Geo location. Not all the countries are having Microsoft Azure Datacenter, currently Microsoft has datacenter in 16 countries and the data can be migrated only to the datacenter that supports the Multi-Geo capability.

Below are the datacenters that currently supports Multi Geo capability for the services like EXO, SPO & OD4B.

Make a note, Multi-Geo license cost is additional to Office 365 E3 Plan and the license can be purchased on 100 numbers and above only. You can request for a Trial Multi Geo license and you will provided with 25 license to validate the Multi-Geo capabilities.

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