How to set the OWA session timeout in Exchange Online / Office 365?

Configuring OWA session timeout is an important security measure that every organization should follow to keep Organizations data safe. Below the default session time out settings for Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook on the Web (OotW). OWA forms based authentication provides 2 option to choose whether you logged in from a Private or Public […]

How the Hybrid Azure AD Join works in Windows 10?

Device Management in Azure AD is required to ensure the devices connecting to the cloud services are meeting the Company Security and Compliance Standards. If you have On-Premise Active Directory, computers related to that company are joined to that AD and administrators will have control to those AD joined devices like pushing group policies etc. […]

How the E-Mail Moderation works in Hybrid Exchange Environment?

We saw how the moderation works in previous post… here we will see how the email moderation works in a Hybrid Exchange Environment. Hybrid Exchange environment is a configuration/deployment that provides seamless experience for an Exchange Organization between an On-Premise Exchange Organization and Exchange Online in Office 365. So, 2 Exchange environment are combined to […]

How the Mail flow works in Office 365 or Exchange Online?

Let us assume that Exchange Hybrid Organization pointed its MX record to Office 365 or Exchange Online Protection, the mail flow works as shown in the below diagram. In this article, we will see how the inbound and outbound flow works when the email routing configured to route through Exchange Online Protection. Inbound Mail Flow […]

Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers

If you are looking for Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers, we can assist you in clearing your interview with real time Office 365 Interview questions and Answers. Please reach me @ to get the document for a considerable fee. It is prepared in a way that it helps you to gain 100% confidence […]